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Added: 08.07.2009


Daniel Hart

Web Hosting Expert.

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VPS web hosting is the choice for business

What is VPS and what does it mean? This abbreviation denotes a virtual private server. As you might know, the server is just a computer connected to the network, and its where your website or files are located. In business, servers are often used when there is a need to access some shared data by several users at once the data is stored on the server and can be reached from anywhere in the network.

However, running your own server might be expensive. That is why one real server can be shared between several users in a way that each of them has their own independent virtual server, which can be used, for example, for website hosting.

What does hosting refer to? Web hosting is a service that gives the customer some disk space on the server and provides a stable Internet connection to this server. VPS hosting is extremely popular at the moment since it has the best advantages of shared hosting, such as low price, and of dedicated servers, which are used by single client only and thus provide high level of service. You can find many VPS offers including those with control panels (DirectAdmin, cPanel) so that you could start using your server right away. VPS hosting offers can be roughly divided into managed hosting, unmanaged and unmetered hosting.

Managed hosting can be more expensive than other types of VPS, but it has some undeniable advantages, too. Highly skilled system administrators will be looking after your server 24/7 and solve the problems quickly. Your server will be connected to a high-speed Internet line with the capacity of over a hundred gigabits per second via the largest telecommunications companies, such as AT&T and Time Warner Telecom in the US.

With VPS hosting, you may host large web projects, online radio servers, multiplayer games, x-rated content or your personal server under your favorite operating system. Before ordering virtual private server hosting, make sure to look for reviews on the Internet and compare all prices and features of the numerous companies offering this type of service. Look for the best and feature-rich solution for the smallest price.

We offer VPS servers that are ready to use and are set up immediately, as well as VPS services that can be customized for your requirements. You can choose various operating system distributions and add or configure the software as needed.

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